Shauna Gourley
Shauna GourleyOwner / Trainer
Shauna Gourley has been training dogs for over 25 years and instructing for 15 years. With her border collies, she has competed in obedience, agility and herding. She is always among the top competitors, having performed in multiple national events for each sport. She has earned many championships on a variety of dogs, the most all around accomplished being Xena, Ch OTCh MACH WTCh Highland’s Hot Off the Press. Most recently, Shauna has taken up open field herding trials with her border collies. Her dog, Keli, has placed in the Meeker Classic finals multiple times. Locally, Shauna regularly competes at the Soldier Hollow Classic, and is an active member of the Utah Stockdog Association. Shauna continues to be at the top of the USBCHA National rankings year after year. Regularly qualifying to compete at the National finals.

Flock ‘N Paws Herding Crew

KeliHerding - Open Class
Top trialing dog Keli is 8 years old and still at the top of her game. Winning many trials in 2014, Keli is a solid competitor with a great style. Sired by Patrick Shannahan’s Riggs 2010 USBCHA National Champion.
JadeHerding , Open Class
Jade is one of Keli’s puppies. Like her mother she has experienced a lot of success on the trial field. Placing at the top of many trials and competing at the National Finals.
MiraHerding - Open Class
Mira is a stylish dog with eye. After a successful nursery year she prepares for the next season more experienced and ready to win.
EmHerding - Nursery
What Em lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm. A keen dog with great flanks, Em looks forward to a successful trialing year.
BritHerding - Nursery
Ready for 2014. Brit is a happy young dog with a lot of talent and great feel for the sheep.
The dog that started it all. Hope, Red Sky Border Collies’s foundation bitch. Shauna’s main trial dog for many years. Her mother was Patrick Shannahan’s National Champion Hanna. Now 11 years old, Hope keeps everyone in line at the farm.
NikeIn training
Nike is a true farm dog, enjoying herself doing farm tasks all day.
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