We will be starting a puppy class on Thursday nights at 7 PM.

This class will be for dogs 10 weeks old to 5 months old depending on size and temperament.

The class will teach you how to motivate your dog and work on focus and manners in a fun way.

It is a great way to get a head start on your puppies manners and get them out for some important socializing.

The class will be open enrollment so you can join anytime for a 6 week session for $105.

The puppies must of had at least 1 vaccination to start the class and proof of vaccination must be provided before and ongoing through the class.

I also have an ongoing Basic obedience class on Wed nights at 6 PM that is geared for the older dogs.

This class still works with lots of motivation and focus work, but introduces corrections so the the dogs learn to behave without always having to have treats.

Please pass this information on to friends and family that may want to participate.

Thanks, Shauna